Nutrition & Integrative Health

Nutrition & Integrative Health

Would you like to have more vitality, harmony and physical & mental wellness?

  • Health Assessment based on the Functional Medicine Approach.
  • Body Composition Analysis.
  • Personalised Nutritional & Lifestyle Plan.
  • Healthy recipes.
  • Health Coaching Support.
  • Frequent support via mobile App.
  • Nutrition for physical & mental health.

As a certified Nutritionist and Functional Medicine Health Coach, I will help you to identify the main areas to be improved and co-create with you a personalised and comprehensive health plan - based on nutrition, activity, relaxation, sleep, mindfulness and stress relief techniques - to achieve your wellbeing goals and needs.

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Understanding Integrative Health and the invitation for your reconnection…

Despite advances in medicine and modern techniques of diagnostic tests, rates of physical and mental illness are increasing alarmingly worldwide. Modern life, with all its activities and daily stresses, has changed our lifestyles and eating habits, affecting our connections with others, nature and ourselves. I would like to invite you to a journey of reconnection with your integrative health, a state of well-being in body, mind and spirit.

It is a personalised process of self-knowledge and self-care, integrating main areas of lifestyle to produce positive and lasting changes to make you thrive. As a nutritionist and a health coach, I will help you to succeed in your health and wellness goals, assisting, educating and guiding you in developing self-management strategies, offering support as challenges arise, and helping you to make the sustainable, healthy behaviour changes that lead to improved outcomes. It will be a personalised journey, where I will empower you to “cross the bridge” from your current health status to a more balanced, nourished and harmonic one.
Welcome to your reconnection journey!

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